Lotion Clean & Clear, BH (Brow Henna)

Lotion Clean & Clear, BH (Brow Henna)

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Model/Product no.: P-552

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Lotion Clean&Clear, BH Brow Henna

This lotion is for cleaning BH Brow Henna and removes dried layers of henna without washing the hair and skin. The soft composition of the lotion and light moisturizing effect makes it possible to complete the color procedure properly, regardless of the skin type and its complexity.


Instructions for use:

Spread the required amount of lotion on a cotton pad. Gently stick the eyebrows with it, remove the layer of henna. Repeat procedure if necessary.



0.9% Sodium chloride, containing 9 g of active substance and distilled waterhypertonic 10% solution containing 100 g perfume composition for active substance “tropical duet pineapple and coconut.