1er-Nano-Hygienemodule 0,20 mm (10 pieces)

1er-Nano-Hygienemodule 0,20 mm (10 pieces)

Advantages, Safety and Savings With The Patented Hygiene Module:


  • Minimal damage to the skin, almost no swelling or bleeding on a delicate skin eyelid,
  • Smooth and fast distribution of pigment in the lips already at first treatment
  • Significantly fewer herpes cases
  • Remarkable rapid healing
  • After first treatment, only a much smaller re-treatment is required
  • Easy handling of the Needle Module when it is to be inserted or removed from the Handpiece
  • The needle can be dipped in pigment or pigment can be poured directly into the Hygiene Module
  • 15 needle combinations for different treatments and skin types
  • Optimized and improved needle assembly structure: equal length, precise bonding
  • No contact with unprotected needle as the needle is always protected with plastic hygiene module
  • No contamination risk thanks to the construction of the hygiene module: needle is not separated by plastic protective module
  • All Hygiene modules do not require sterilization as they are sterile and are used only once
  • All Hygiene modules are sterilized with Gamma irradiation
  • Individual wrapping with own serial number
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  • The Nano Hygiene Module is designed specifically for the finest, clearest, most elegant 3D hairpin drawing technology.
  • The effect is close to microblading as the needle in this Hygiene module creates really crispy hairstrokes.
  • The needle in the 1er liner hygiene module has a diameter of 0.18 mm.


  • Ideal for fine hair lines
  • Also suitable for eyelashes and fine eyeliner
  • Perfect for sharply defined outer lip contour
  • Lip contour, as well as fine shadow lip inside
  • Testing points for allergy testing

Our practical tips:

  • 1er liner hygiene module opens the skin best and is especially suitable for very precise, clear and clearly defined lines with very high color density.
  • With this needle it is possible to make very precise lines.
  • The needle penetrates easily into the skin.