Permanent Makeup Accessories

At PMU-line® you can find everything in permanent makeup accessories.

Our accessories are quality assured and thoroughly tested by both the EU and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, but also by our many own therapists. We only sell and use permanent makeup accessories that we know and can vouch for. Quality products for the conscious and critical therapist.
Here you will find all musthaves for treatments with permanent makeup, different types of anesthesia, professional drawing pencils, measuring instruments and much more. Most of the webshop's permanent makeup accessories are produced by PMU-line®. If this is not the case, we still guarantee the quality of the products. We only resell accessories for permanent makeup developed by reputable manufacturers. All product information therefore also appears on the individual product. Quality also equals transparency.
PMU-line® has everything in accessories for permanent makeup and dermotherapy.

Permanent Makeup Accessories

Permanent makeup has been gaining widespread attention among lovers of modern cosmetics. You cannot discuss permanent makeup without mentioning the vital role the accessories play. The accessories are as important as the core products - pigments. Hence the need to purchase high-performing accessories that stand the test of time. Do you want to know the best place to buy premium and affordable permanent makeup accessories? Keep reading!

What to Consider When Shopping for Permanent Makeup Accessories

When shopping for permanent makeup equipment, quality should be your major focus. Without well-crafted tools, the entire makeup application process will most likely not produce the expected result. Ranging from raw material to precision (in terms of measurements), and production standards, you have to be keen on ensuring that the tools are of high quality.

Check compliance with regulatory standards. Permanent makeup accessories should meet the requirements of relevant legislation in the place of production. For instance, there are strict regulatory standards that guide the production of permanent makeup and its tools.  No product is approved unless the agencies in charge clear it for approval. These rigorous processes mandate manufacturers to meet the minimum quality requirements.

You can rely on PMU-line for the best permanent makeup accessories. It is a leading producer and distributor of permanent makeup. Through our webshop, you can quickly place an order and have it delivered to you in no time. If quality and excellence are important to you, then we are your go-to platform for affordable and high-quality accessories.

Why is PMU-line the Best Place for Permanent Makeup Tools?

Our permanent makeup accessories speak quality, class, and luxury.

The shopping process is simplified to enable you to place orders quickly. Your order is executed almost immediately (when placed before 4 pm) and delivered to your location in no time. We understand that time is money, consequently, we instituted policies to ensure resellers get their goods on time.

Unlike other platforms, we do not leave you in the dark concerning your orders. There is a responsive customer service platform to answer your questions and keep you up to date about your goods. Feel free to talk to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the culture of making sure every customer leaves our platform satisfied with a smiling face. You can also cut down costs through our free shipping program.


Our makeup tools are produced and packaged using the leading technologies in cleanrooms and controlled environments. The products are safe and biocompatible - having passed through necessary tests to ensure they pose no threat to human health. With us, you have got everything you need to entice your customers and probably increase your revenue.