12-Nano Slope Blades (0.18 mm) (Pack of 50 blades)

12-Nano Slope Blades (0.18 mm) (Pack of 50 blades)

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Very thin and sharp disposable needles for manual permanent make-up - microblading.


Price per box (50 blades) regardsless the blade type.

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12-Nano Slope Blades (0,18 mm)

12-Nano Slope Blades is one of our bestsellers, as thanks to its fine needle diameter (0.18 mm) it is gentle on the skin and there is no or only minimal bleeding during treatment.



  • the best blades for crispy hairstrokes (dry and normal skin)
  • perfect for drawing short and medium hairstrokes
  • only one or two rounds per hairstroke is enough to ensure durable color



Always make sure to hold the needles 90 degrees to the skin and not pull sideways.
Stretch the skin well and draw hairstrokes slowly along the brow (without too much pressure).

Each box contains 50 blades (needles) with 12 needles per blade.


Nano manual blades:

  • Sterile
  • Extremely thin (0.18 mm)
  • Crispy strokes and minor trauma to the skin
  • Disposable
  • LOT number
  • Expiration date
  • Longer needle tips
  • Medical stainless steel