Pigment Removal Solution (For Removing PMU)

Pigment Removal Solution (For Removing PMU)

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Soft Removy -  is an non medical treatment

Using an non acid or non alkalic solution to remove Permanent Make-up or even tattoo. This product contains several salts which push out the pigment softly of the skin. These salts are not harmful for client’s skin. They will breakdown the encapsulation of the pigment. It can be perfectly used for brows, eyeliner and lips - slightly lightens dark pigment in several weeks after treatment.


Machine method:

We recommend using 5 shadier needle performing shading technique.


Manual method:

We recommend using bigger round shading needles as 15R, 19R.

When you use this Removal it works quite superficial. If you go to too deep, most of the active ingredients will bleed out. The product itself will not harm the skin or cause scars. Our removal product does not contain any acid or alkalic. Of course going too deep with the needle can cause huge trauma for skin.


  1. Collagenase - Non-medical collagen solvent. It helps to open the pigment encapsulation.

    Moreover, it enables the skin to reject the unwanted pigment

  2. Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt) - This salt is frequently used as detox agent.  It cleans your intestines. Magnesium sulfate will help to breakdown the encapsulation of the pigment in client’s skin.
  3. Barium Sulfate - This salt is used in hospitals to create contrast in X-ray photographs, for stomach and gullet (esophagus). It will react with Carbon and Iron Oxide molecules, breaking down the crystal structure of the unwanted pigment
  4. Sodium Chloride - so the pigment is able to heal out.  It also helps to keep the wound sterile.
  5. Sodium Bicarbonate - Also known as baking soda, this is a strong natural cleanser. Also used in many tooth brush paste
  6. Green Soap - Used as cleansing agent
  7. Grape seed oil
  8. Lemon essential oil


Usually removal is hard and long process. Everything depends on what pigment, depth was used before, how much time is after the treatment and how the skin reacts to the removal. This process is an intervention to the skin so it is very important what technique to use in order to remove the pigment, how many sessions necessary and time intervals between them. Laser also takes several treatments.


Some pigments are more easy to remove than others. For example, it is easy to remove Carbon black and Iron oxide which are widely used in micro-pigmentation world.

Titanium Dioxide, is a white pigment. This can be removed using our Soft RemovyX

There are many types of red pigments, some of them are easy to remove but there are pigments which are very persistent.

Green Pigment,  mostly Chromium Oxide or Copper Sulfate is the most difficult to remove.