Pigments For Areola

PMU-line brings you an exclusive range of pigments for areola. Each product in this category is made by blending organic and mineral pigments under the strictest quality control parameters. PMU-line pigments are made to offer quality. Each set of pigments for areola is checked for aromatic amines and heavy metals to ensure compliance with European legislation and CE certifications.


PMU-line: Manufacturer and Distributor of Permanent Makeup Kits

PMU-line is a top manufacturer and distributor of permanent makeup products, color pigments, machines, and accessories to aid permanent makeup artists and therapists worldwide. PMU-line branches also offer professional training in permanent makeup. If you run a salon business and offer permanent makeup services, PMU-line is the right choice for you to offer high-quality products.

Pigments for areola manufactured and distributed by PMU-line have ultra-fast setting time, vegan labeled with a sterility 5 years after manufacturing. The color pigments are vegan dispersants, and you can choose from more than 50 color options that suit the needs of your clients.


Try Pigments for Areola Before Buying

We allow makeup therapists to try out our vegan labeled pigments before buying. You get 8 PMU-line pigment samples, each one of 0.3 ml. You also get a product catalog along with a color chart and pigment guide for professional application.

The color pigment samples are a one-time offer for each therapist/customer. You can try them out to understand the quality of our pigments for areola and accordingly order more pigments in different colors.

Each color pigment is 100% biocompatible, and you can match them perfectly with your client’s natural skin pH. These pigments adapt well to the skin’s PH, and they do not fade away or change color. All the ingredients and base materials are of 100% natural origin, and there is no use of water, petrochemicals, or preservatives so that it never causes any harm to your client’s skin.


Packaging, Safety Standard, and Benefits of Pigments for Areola

PMU-line color pigments are made of organic and mineral pigment blends. Each product is manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure the highest standard of quality and safety. The entire range of PMU-line color pigments formula is sterile and safe for use.

High-quality packaging is used while manufacturing each bottle of pigments for areola. The use of an ultra-precise pump ensures the material remains sterile between each use.

You can use each bottle of color pigments for a minimum of 40 treatments. The setting time is extremely fast and offers a long-lasting effect, so you will not need to replenish the colors often. The color pigments have high viscosity and have a bio coating to ensure they do not change colors after use. They also do not evaporate or dry out during application on the client’s skin.

Offer your clients a custom solution by using the required microblading color pigments from the ultra-large color palate of PMU-line and matching their skin type. Create personalized shades to match all skin types and ethnicity.

Check out the entire range of products listed on this page and order accordingly!