Permanent Makeup Pigments


Before choosing a supplier of pigments, it is crucial to confirm the quality of the products. We therefore give all therapists the opportunity to test our pigment samples before ordering them in normal size (5 ml). We will be happy to explain the essential aspects that are needed when ordering pigments. Contact us to hear more right here.

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How To Find the Best Permanent Makeup Pigments Provider?

When it comes to permanent makeup, one always must remember that certain requirements must be ensured before you can start providing quality services. Certain tools, materials, and products like permanent makeup pigments are very important to start on the journey and provide clients with the kind of solutions they are looking for widely.

However, if you are jumping on the venture, it is very easy to get confused and invest in poor-quality products. It is one of the primary reasons we will talk about what kind of permanent makeup pigments you should look for in the market. Not only that, but we will also help you understand which provider is who gets you the best quality of the same. It is always important to remember that when it comes to permanent makeup pigments, it usually decides a lot of proficiency of your service.


What Is a Permanent Makeup Pigment?

Before we go forth and understand what the main things that one should look for when it comes to choosing permanent makeup pigments are, it is equally important at the same time to first understand what the stain is all about. In very simple words, the dyes are usually produced artificially and then injected into the skin to make the desired results considerably.

Having a good stock of these permanent makeup pigments is very important to provide what the customer requires. The most important work of a pigment is to ensure that it can be easily injected and can produce the desired results. These pigments are usually coloured, and the skin tends to retain them for a long period, making permanent makeup.


Things To Look for Before Buying Permanent Makeup Pigment

Now that we have finally understood what permanent makeup pigment is all about, it is also fairly important that we analyse the factors that one should always look for before investing in pigments. Some of the most important requirements and this domain includes:

  • Quality

The quality of permanent makeup pigments is absolute, which should always be checked on before investing in the same. However, not every producer allows you to ensure that. It is primarily the reason why we advocate for the PMU-Line. We provide that you can also check the pigment quality before buying.

  • Details

Because permanent makeup pigments are injected into the skin, having detailed knowledge about the contents and the making procedure. Try to build up an alliance with providers who can easily furnish you with these details.

  • Price Range

Not every time does the most expensive permanent makeup pigments need to produce the best results. Even quality pigments are sometimes priced very affordably to be afforded very easily. 


  • Law & Regulations 

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The Final Take

A great option that is simply the best when it comes to the production of permanent makeup pigment and abides by all the given requirements is PMU-Line. We manufacture some of the most quality-rich pigments, and the longevity is also par excellence. You can choose to visit their website easily and purchase from the same.


Permanent makeup pigments of the highest quality
complies with all laws and recommendations

Perfect dosage and sterility throughout and pigment that remains sterile between each treatment. Fully ensures and complies with applicable legislation. Pass the most stringent tests described in Resolution ResAP (2008) Meets European standards for medical devices CEIIb. Labeling complies with European legislation on tattoo and permanent makeup products and enables identification and traceability of the product. Manufactured and packaged according to the latest medical technology in clean rooms and in a controlled atmosphere in Class C and D. They are then sterilized by gamma irradiation at a dose greater than 25 kGy, according to validated industrial applications. Precise composition of organic and mineral pigments subject to strict control: analysis of heavy metals and aromatic amines.