Permanent Makeup educations and courses

How do you choose a place of education and secure a legal course?

All our Permanent Makeup educations and courses are medically examined and approved by the Industry Association for medical and cosmetic treatments and educations,

”KKBU i hht. BEK no. 959 of 11/05/2021 on cosmetic tattooing.”

In addition, our educations and courses are internationally CPD-certified.

All our educational institutions and teachers meet all the requirements of the new executive order.
All our course leaders are highly trained Cosmetic Tattooists with more than 5 years of professional and teaching experience as required by law.

If you are already trained within PMU but do not have permission to carry it out in Denmark, read here how you can obtain a dispensation


Permanent Makeup Course

Permanent makeup is a complex area in the cosmetics industry. Unlike regular makeup, many people are yet to understand the rudiments of permanent makeup. Hence the need for platforms where users and therapists can improve their knowledge and skill. Given how sensitive the

permanent makeup procedures are, there is a need to make sure therapists are well trained.

This calls for a permanent makeup course that is anchored by proven experts. When selecting a makeup tutorial, consider the quality of lessons and the qualification of the facilitators. As a makeup artist, how good you are at your craft determines the retention rate and revenue.

What Are the Benefits of a Permanent Makeup Course?

Having a system of training people in this field is instrumental to making permanent makeup become more popular. Through tutorials, the knowledge and skill will continue to spread. Therapists and even consumers will have access to the knowledge base they need to have a good understanding of what they are getting involved in.

As the word is spreading, the number of therapists is increasing and the existing ones have access to platforms where they can continue to refine their skills. Having more people who are experts at permanent makeup procedures is a win to both users and manufacturers. In the same vein, access to advanced training helps existing experts to get better at their crafts.

The major benefit of a permanent makeup course is the increase in the efficiency of services offered by therapists. If you want to get better at what you do and attract more customers, signing up for a tutorial is the way to go. Enrolling in a course will help you refresh your knowledge and give you access to new techniques.

Where to Get the Best Permanent Make Course?

PMU-line offers a comprehensive course you can leverage to learn all you need to know about permanent makeup. Our courses are medically examined and approved by the Industry Association for medical and cosmetic treatments and education. All our education and courses meet necessary requirements, including international CPD certification.

In the same vein, our educational institutions and facilitators meet all the necessary requirements, including the strict conditions of the new executive order. Our teachers are well trained; they are qualified cosmetic Tattooists with more than 5 years of professional and teaching experience.

Our course divisions include Basic Educations, Advanced Courses, Medical Courses in Micropigmentation, and Courses in Tattoo Removal. The course outlines are professionally crafted to offer the detailed information you need for each course division. All you need to do is specify the course you want and get started with a few clicks.


PMU-line is a leader in the permanent makeup industry with a wide range of products, ranging from pigments to eyelash extensions and permanent makeup accessories and courses. We have an active customer service platform to help you get started with the tutorials. Feel free to ask questions, our well-trained customer care agents will be happy to guide you.