Certified Education and Courses


The following aspects have contributed to our Permanent Makeup training being named the best in Europe for three consecutive years:

International CPD Certified:
CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an important accreditation that ensures educational programs maintain a high level of professional development.

PMU-line's training being CPD-certified means it meets stringent educational standards and is recognized for its quality and relevance in professional development.

Medically Examined:
This aspect indicates that the training includes some form of medical or health assessment, which is particularly important in the beauty and cosmetics industry, where procedures can have a direct impact on clients' health and well-being.

Best Pigments on the Market:
The quality of pigments used in permanent makeup is crucial for both the aesthetic result and safety.

PMU-line's pigments being among the best on the market suggests a commitment to high quality and safety in their training program.

Internationally Recognized Instructor, Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt:
Having an internationally recognized expert like Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt as an instructor adds great value to the training program.

Her expertise and experience can provide students with insights into the best practices and latest techniques in permanent makeup.

Nationally and Internationally Recognized - Your Guarantee
PMU-line is not only a leading supplier of equipment and pigments but also plays a central role in training staff at plastic surgery departments at Denmark's university hospitals and several private hospitals, both in Denmark and Germany.


As Denmark's only manufacturer of pigments and equipment, PMU-line has gained recognition for their high quality standards.

Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Safety Agency have highlighted PMU-line's pigments for their exemplary quality, serving as a benchmark for the industry.

These combined factors contribute to PMU-line's Permanent Makeup training being considered among the best in Europe.

With us, you gain access to a comprehensive basic education in permanent makeup and a range of specialized courses covering almost all aspects of cosmetic treatments.

Our trainings are of the highest quality, led by industry-leading instructors. We place great emphasis on in-depth and detailed theoretical knowledge, but most importantly, extensive practical experience, where you get the opportunity to try out and master various techniques and equipment in practice.


All our training programs and courses, as well as the products we distribute, strictly comply with all relevant rules, guidelines, and legislation set by the Health Authority (according to the authorization law § 74), the Medicines Agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, the EU, and CPD.


Our teaching and course programs are the only ones in Scandinavia that are globally certified and accredited by CPD. In addition, we have received recognitions such as the Prestige Awards 2020/21, Global Awards 2022/23/24, and Scandinavian Business Awards 2022, where we were named “Academy of the Year”.








It is also possible to take fully online CPD certified courses (including a CPD certificate).

These courses do not require physical attendance at our academy and do not include start kits.

See our selection here.