Pigments for freckles and beauty spots

Pigments For Freckles and Beauty Spots

PMU-line offers pigments for freckles and beauty spots to help end-users get the desired results after a session of micropigmentation and microblading. Our permanent makeup products, accessories, and equipment are of the absolute best quality.

We are known for offering high-grade pigments scalp, areola, freckles, beauty spots, correction pigments, etc. We allow our clients to try out our pigment samples before placing the actual order in bulk. We offer you a maximum of 8 pigment samples in different shades of your choice. Each pigment sample will contain .3 ml of product, and you can try it out to check the quality of the products and ease of application. We also offer you a product catalog and pigment guide or a color chart to understand our products better and create the desired shade for your clients.

We have two different shades in the category of pigments for freckles and beauty spots.


Dark Mocha Pigments for Freckles and Beauty Spots

Dark mocha pigments come in dark brown chestnut color. It has a warm undertone which allows the clinicians to create stable and non-reddening Braunton on the client’s skin. You can use it for creating freckles or beauty spots and get spectacular results.


Coffee Brown Pigments for Freckles and Beauty Spots

The coffee brown pigments for freckles and beauty spots come with a medium brown shade with a warm undertone. We recommend you these pigments for cooling impact and get higher durability over time. These pigments can be used on brunets with dark skin and also for creating powder brows on dark to black skin.


Who can collaborate with PMU-line?

You can collaborate with us and become a distributor of our high-grade, CE-certified pigments for freckles and beauty spots and open up new possibilities for business growth. Whether you are a salon owner, spa owner, clinical beautician, or beauty product distributor, you can partner with PMU-line and become a distributor. If you are new to the industry and want to dig deep in the clinical beauty treatment industry, you can also collaborate with us and build a strong reseller business portfolio for yourself.


Quality Products for High-Grade Results

All products in the permanent makeup line are 100% biocompatible. Each product gets blended perfectly with the skin’s natural pH and offers a long-lasting impact. The products are manufactured by maintaining the highest standard of manufacturing guidelines and are in compliance with European standards for medical devices.

All our permanent makeup pigments are manufactured using state-of-the-art medical technology. Our quality control team ensures that each product passes through the strict parameters and is free from heavy metals and aromatic amines.  

We use clean rooms with class C and Class D controlled atmospheres and then use Gamma radiation to sterilize each product. The product packaging is done in airtight bottles by using an ultra-precise pump, which helps the pigments to stay sterile between treatments.

If you want to be a PMU-line reseller, you must connect with us at the earliest. We will assist you at every step to take your business higher with super high-quality PMU-line products.