1-Nano N1 Hygiene module (0,2 mm)

1-Nano N1 Hygiene module (0,2 mm)

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Patented hygiene module

  • A box with 10 x modules
  • Sterile and for single use only
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1-Nano N1 Hygiejne Module (0,2 mm)

Latest innovation, Patented Needle Module

With only 0.2 mm in diameter, this needle module is perfect for 3D eyebrows / hairstrokes, eyeliner or for VERY fine lip contour.



  • Ideal for hair
  • Details in areola micropigmentation
  • Fine lipliner
  • Fine eyeliner
  • Scalp


EU patented needle modules

  • minimal damage to the skin, almost no swelling or bleeding on a delicate eyelid skin
  • even and rapid pigment retention already at the first pass
  • significantly fewer cases of herpes
  • remarkably fast healing
  • the needle can be dipped in pigment or pigment can be poured directly into the module
  • no contact with unprotected needle as the needle is always inside the module
  • no contamination risk thanks to the construction of the needle module
  • the hygiene modules do not require sterilization as they are sterile and disposable
  • individual packaging with own serial number