1-Nano NT Hygiene Module (0.25 mm)

1-Nano NT Hygiene Module (0.25 mm)

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Nyeste innovation. Patenteret Nålemodul

  • Pakke med 10 stk. moduler
  • Sterile og til engangsbrug
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1-Nano NT Hygiejne Module (0.25 mm)

The newest Patented NANO Needle Module!

With a diameter of 0.25 mm and a reinforced metal tube of 0.35 mm, which guides and stabilizes the needle, it is for high precision and for the absolute finest hairs for experts ever seen in the world of micropigmentation.
The Nano needles have the same benefits as we already know from our other Nano needles but are for extra precision and are easier to use. Even beginners can achieve extraordinary natural results with this needle model.

All our Nano needles make it possible to get the same results as with microblading, but with less risk of scarring.



  • Ideal for hair
  • Details in areola micropigmentation
  • Fine lipliner
  • Fine eyeliner
  • Scalp


EU patented needle modules

  • minimal damage to the skin, almost no swelling or bleeding on a delicate eyelid skin
  • even and rapid pigment retention already at the first pass
  • significantly fewer cases of herpes
  • remarkably fast healing
  • the needle can be dipped in pigment or pigment can be poured directly into the module
  • no contact with unprotected needle as the needle is always inside the module
  • no contamination risk thanks to the construction of the needle module
  • the hygiene modules do not require sterilization as they are sterile and disposable
  • individual packaging with own serial number