Cream Rose (LP5210)

Cream Rose (LP5210)

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  • Unit price regardless of pigment color. (Buy other colors and get a total discount)

  • A bottle for min. 40 treatments

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Model/Product no.: LP5210

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Certified products

Produced in the EU

Cream Rose (LP5210)

  • For lips and areola
  • Very natural cool pink color
  • Also very beautiful to mix in all red colors
  • Gives a completely natural "look"
  • CE certified


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  • Absolutely sterile and hygienic

  • 5-year shelf life after production (unopened)

  • 100% biocompatible and perfectly matched to the skin's natural pH

  • Produced in the EU in a certified medical laboratory since 1999 in accordance with ISO 9001, EN13485 and GMP

  • Ingredients and all base materials are 100% natural origin

  • Environmentally friendly and vegan


  • 0% preservatives

  • 0% latex

  • 0% PPD

  • 0% petrochemical derivatives

  • 0% nanoparticles

  • 0% water

  • 0% paraben

  • Not tested on animals


  • Perfect dosage and sterility throughout - the pigment comes in an airless bottle which is easy to use thanks to an ultra-precise pump and it remains sterile between treatments.

  • Safe and fully compliant with relevant legislation. Passes the most stringent testing described in Resolution ResAP (2008) 1.

  • Complies with European standards for medical devices CEIIb.

  • Labelling complies with European legislation on tattoos and permanent make-up products and makes it possible to identify and trace the products.

  • Produced and packaged using the latest medical technology in clean rooms with a class C and D controlled atmosphere. They are then sterilized by gamma radiation at a dose greater than 25 kGy in accordance with validated industrial applications.

  • The precise combination of organic and mineral pigments is subjected to strict control and analyzed for heavy metals and aromatic amines.


  • 1 bottle has a MINIMUM of 40 treatments

  • Microblading pigments have high viscosity, which optimizes pigmentation.

  • Amazingly easy to work with and treatments take significantly less time.

  • Ultra-fast setting and long-lasting results (no need to replenish). 

  • Maximum pigment concentration guarantees long-lasting, stable color.

  • Developed for all types of pigmentation (PMU, scalp, areola pigmentation, microblading, softap, scar and vitiligo camouflage), PMU-line pigments offer you perfect compatibility with all equipment and treatment techniques.

  • The color won't shift to red or blue thanks to the "biocoating” of pigment particles.

  • It won't evaporate or dry out during treatment.

  • Stable, intense shades for all skin types and ethnicities.

  • The wide range of shades allows you to offer your clients the perfect custom pigment for their skin type and guarantee them a natural look.