Pigments for Eyeliner

Pigment Eyeliner

Pigments for eyeliner is one of the lines of products that cosmetic enthusiasts are passionate about. This is because they are applied on strategic areas that attract maximum attention. As a result, users go the extra length to get trendy and high-quality products to improve their look.

As a vendor, you stand to increase your revenue by offering pigment eyeliner that your clients will love. Being a product that is high in demand, selling out can be easy if you have compelling offers. That said, having good offers starts with choosing the best supplier. The source of your pigments, to a great extent, determines your marketing success.

How Do You Choose the Best Pigment Eyeliner?

When shopping for pigment eyeliner, quality is the major factor to consider. Every other thing - like marketing and pricing - revolve around the quality of the products. No matter how good and affordable your pigments are, customers will most likely desert you if the products are bad. Quality metrics to consider include ingredients, production processes, biocompatibility, safety, shelf life, and compliance with regulatory standards.

The ingredients should be of natural origin. The quality of the ingredients determines the performance score of the final product. Look out for products that are eco-friendly, safe, hygienic, and biocompatible. The pH of the pigments for eyeliner should match the natural pH of the skin. The safety profile should be clear - to avoid selling products with the potential to hurt your customers.

Consider regulatory compliance. Before choosing any products, make sure they comply with relevant regulatory standards. Regulatory agencies have the responsibility to ensure products produced within their jurisdiction meet their standards, like the quality of ingredients, production procedures, safety, and analytic requirements. Once a product meets regulatory requirements in places like Europe, its quality claims can be trusted.

Where to Find the Best Pigments for Eyeliner?

Buy the best pigment eyeliner from PMU-line, a leading manufacturer and distributor of permanent makeup. If you are looking for pigments to give your clients an outstanding and natural look, search no further than our products. In addition to pigments, we offer other lines of cosmetic products, including eyelash extensions, microblading equipment, and permanent makeup accessories & courses.

Pigments for eyeliner by PMU-line are absolutely sterile, hygienic, and 100% biocompatible with the same pH as the natural pH of the skin. Being made from ingredients that are of natural origin, the products are eco-friendly. They do not contain preservatives, petrochemical derivatives, and other materials that are deemed unsafe to humans.

Our pigments are produced in Europe in a certified medical laboratory in accordance with relevant regulatory policies. If you are looking for high-quality products that stand the test of time, our pigments have a shelf life of 5 years after production (unopened).

We offer a wide range of shades, like Soft Black, Indigo Grey, Dark Melissa, True Black, and Snow White. Having a wide variety of shades enables you to offer your clients custom pigment that suits their type of skin.


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