Pigments for Scalp

PMU-line offers a wide range of superior quality pigments for the scalp. Manufactured in certified medical labs, under a controlled environment, each bottle of scalp pigments comes with CE certification. We use the perfect blend of organic and mineral pigments to create specific shades of scalp pigmentation.

PMU-line pigments for the scalp are made with all the safety standards into consideration. The colors are stable, long-lasting, and safe for use. If you are a service provider of microblading treatment and offer scalp pigmentation, connect with us right away and order your required color pigment, scalp palette, pigment heater, etc. We have the option of worldwide shipping and free delivery on the order value of €1000.


Wide Option in Pigments for Scalp

PMU-line offers a lot of options under the category of pigments for the scalp. All the PMU-line pigments adapt well to the skin’s pH, and that is why they do not change shades or fade out with time. No matter what you choose from our product range, you will get the best value for money.

The long list of pigment shades allows you to offer custom scalp pigmentation solutions to your clients irrespective of their skin types or their ethnic background.

And you also get to buy additional products to make your micropigmentation experience a better one. You may buy a pigment heater, pigment diluter, and a color booster or stabilizer to conveniently carry out the micropigmentation on the scalp of your clients.


Best Results with CE Certified Scalp Pigments

PMU-line scalp pigments are a great addition to your menu of microblading services. They are hygienic, sterile, and 100% biocompatible and ensure safe use on the client’s scalp. You may use one bottle of pigments for the scalp for at least 40 treatment sessions, ensuring a high value on your investment.

The PMU-line pigments for the scalp have an ultra-fast setting time and offer long-lasting impact, ensuring no need to replenish. Our micropigments are compatible with all treatment techniques and application equipment. The pigments also come with ‘biocoating,’ which makes them stable after application, and the color does not shift to any other shade like red or blue.


Scalp Pigments and Associated Products

You may choose individual pigment pigments for the scalp like Brown, Classic Black, and Chestnut to treat your clients with scalp pigmentation. You can also choose to go forward with the scalp palette box of 6 or 12 pigment shades.

The scalp palette is the most widely accepted and adopted product from PMU-line for offering an array of pigment options to help clients with custom solutions. You get the color pigments packed in a magnetic box. You also get a color booster or stabilizer for ease and convenience while carrying out the pigmentation treatment.

And you also get a color chart within the package so that you can choose the right pigments for your clients and offer them an apt solution. Whether you have a very warm or cold skin type, our scalp pigments and stabilizing pigments allow you to work easily on clients’ scalp and offer them the best solution.

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