Pigments for correction

Correction Pigments

PMU-line brings you a wide collection of correction pigments for wide use and offers custom solutions to your clients. You can use correction pigments to create color highlights and details. You can also blend in other pigments to create custom shades for your clients. 

PMU-line is a market leader in permanent makeup for offering superior quality pigments, correction pigments, and other associated products for carrying out microblading and micropigmentation treatments.

Choose from the range of products listed on this page:

  • Snow White
  • Lightener Brow Drops
  • Less Grey Brows Drops
  • Less Red Brows Drops
  • Violet to Brown Cover
  • Grey to Brown Cover
  • Blue to Brown Cover
  • Pigment Diluter
  • Color Booster


Use of Correction Pigments

Our correction pigments are CE certified and are a preferred product among all distributors, partners, and micropigment treatment providers. You can use different brow drops to lighten the eyebrows.

For example, you can use the Lightener Brow Drops to lighten the eyebrow and give them a natural beige shade. You may mix the pigments in the desired ratio to create the desired lightening effect and shade. It is recommended not to use it with very warm pigments.

We have Less Grey Brown Drops, which you can use to stabilize eyebrow color. We recommend this for Asian and North African skin. All the dark pigments have a longer shelf life, so you can use them for a long time.

You can also use the Less Red Brow Drops for customers with pale skin. This product is best utilized with a warm base and longer stability. This product prevents the oxidation of warm pigments and allows them to remain brown without turning into a reddish shade.


Manufacturing Standards and Worldwide Shipping

Customer satisfaction has been our motto since our inception. Hence, we ensure to offer quality pigments in each bottle. The quality parameters also ensure that each product is safe from heavy metals and aromatic amines. Our production facility is compliant with the industry manufacturing guidelines, and each product is sterilized with gamma radiation for safe use and optimal effect.

PMU-line offers worldwide shipping options for all our certified products on orders above €1000. Being a part of Dermatech Group, we always strive to live up to the expectations of our clients, who are our partners, distributors, service providers, and end-users.


Top Benefits of Partnering with PMU-line

PMU-line offers superior quality correction pigments for wide use on different skin types and ethnicity. You can use each bottle of correction pigments for at least 40 treatments on your clients. Our products being of high-quality, they allow you to work conveniently on clients in lesser time.

All pigments have a fast-setting time. They do not dry out or evaporate during treatment sessions, allowing the clinicians have more control over their machine and the desired results from each treatment session. Each PMU-line correction pigment treatment offers a long-lasting result. The pigment concentration does not shift and remains in its place throughout, ensuring a long-lasting and stable effect.

If you want to become a distributor of the PMU-line products, now is the time!