24-Point Nontraumatic Module (Pack of 10 modules for MESOpower pen)

24-Point Nontraumatic Module (Pack of 10 modules for MESOpower pen)

MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module (for MESOpower pen)

For lifting effect of all skin types without bleeding or downtime (especially suitable for BB Glow, scalp area and sensitive skin)

  • 10 individually packed sterile needle modules

  • Specially designed module with 24 x 0.7mm plastic pyramid-shaped stimulation points


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MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module
(For MESOpowerr® pen)

 A safe plastic needle module designed to stimulate blood and lypf circulation and to increase product penetration into the skin by up to 97%.


With the MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module, you can effectively treat all areas of the skin with hyaluronic acid or mesoskinline meso-cocktails.

The innovative MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module consist of a plastic plate with 24 stimulation points (0,7 mm), which activate the skin's top layer (epidermis) in a mild and effective manner.


This is a special module for non-invasive mesotherapy, used for the face, body and scalp. The 24 stimulation points absorb the active mesoskinline meso-cocktails  into the skin, leading to natural cell renewal.

Product description (1 box):

  • 10 individually packed needle modules

  • Sterile and single use only

  • Specially designed module with 24 x 0.7mm plastic pyramid-shaped stimulation points

  • Sterilised with gamma rays and disposable

  • Production date, Expiry date and LOT number on each needle

  • Length of the needles is adjustable (0,25 mm-0,7 mm)


Cell renewal following non-invasive Mesotherapy treatment results in tighter skin, improvement in the skin's appearance, a reduction in wrinkles and minor imperfections, activation of the blood circulation around the hair follicles following Mesotherapy for hair loss. 

When you run the MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module across the skin, you activate the skin's natural healing process. During the healing process, more collagen and elastin forms, making the skin more resilient. 

This makes the skin more receptive to anti-ageing ingredients added from the different mesoskinline merso-cocktails.


Treating the skin with the MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module doesn't require anaesthetic and doesn't cause visible healing or scab formation, hence why there is no risk of scarring or skin damage. Even sensitive skin will tolerate non-invasive Mesotherapy treatment with this module. 

Double effect with
MESO 24-Point Nontraumatic Module

  • The needles stimulate the top layer of the skin, which activate the skin's own natural healing process, producing more collagen and elastin. This naturally increases the skin's resilience.

  • Meanwhile, mesoskinline meso-cocktails flow into the skin during treatment and not after the treatment (unlike many other micro-needling applications). The skin therefore absorbs all of the vitamins and amino acids from the products optimally, while renewing itself.


This improves the treatment result by approx. 30% and allows optimum absorption of the active ingredients in the right quantities and in the correct skin layers.


As the skin's barrier has been opened to the active anti-ageing ingredients, additional active ingredients from the MESO ANTI-AGE MASK used post-treatment are absorbed more effectively. 

The advantages for the patient are obvious:

  • the redness fades away shortly after the treatment

  • very low risk of infections, due to the rapid closure of the micro punctures in the skin

  • negligible undesirable side effects

  • minimal convalescence

  • long lasting sustainable results


How to use:

Open the sterile safety package and remove the module taking care not to touch the needles. Twist the module into the MESOpower Handpiece until secure, remove the plastic safety cap off the needles.

Hold the ‘turn on’ button on the Handpiece for 2 seconds to activate and adjust the needle length by twisting the handpiece adjustment. You can change the speed of the needles (hit pr second) by single press on the “turn on” button.  


Now you are ready to start the treatment. Treat the skin with perpendicular movements maintaining a 90° angle which will ensure an even needle depth and will cause only a minimum trauma to the skin. 


The following areas may not be treated with any type of needles:
Open wounds, active acne, irritated skin, eczema, skin cancer, moles!



Action of the Needle module: 

Mesoskinline needle modules include modules of all kinds – from the tiny  3-Point Nano Module to the 36-Point Maxi Module 
The number of needles is relative to the problem area to be treated and delivers the most accurate and suitable treatment a therapist can perform.

Very fine Ø 0,18 mm titanium steel needles combining with anti-age meso-cocktail, feed the skin with necessary healthy ingredients and activate the collagen production due to micro-damage of the skin.
It can puncture more than 300,000 micro vessels on the epidermis within five minutes, creating an efficient nutrient delivery system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue.
Then the mesococktail can be absorbed into the skin effectively without visible trauma and, as a result, no down time for client.