Permanent Makeup training, Medically examined (Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner, Scalp)

Permanent Makeup training, Medically examined (Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner, Scalp)

  • For all basic educations, a mandatory hygiene course can be purchased additionally.

  • You can choose FULL EDUCATION or a single module such as BROWS, LIPS, EYELINER, or SCALP.

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FULL EDUCATION - Brows, Lips & Eyeliner (Practice and Theory) Including Exams
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BRYN (Practice and theory)
EYELINER (Practice and theory)
SCALP (Practice and theory)

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Permanent Makeup Education from PMU-line & dermatech-group

Introduction to the education

There are many good reasons to choose PMU-line & dermatech-group's education in permanent makeup. Here you get Denmark's most thorough and flexible education with individually tailored teaching programs. All modules in both the theoretical and practical part of the permanent makeup education can be purchased and booked individually, so it fits exactly in your calendar and at your pace. See more about the structure of the education below.

Permanent makeup treatments are increasingly in demand today for many different reasons. Permanent makeup can both make everyday life easier for people, or it can help regain self-esteem after an illness. Therefore, permanent makeup is an artistic craft that can inspire and help.

It's not just about the external appearance, but also very much about the customers' inner well-being.

Therefore, it is important that you do not compromise on the quality of your permanent makeup education. Choosing PMU-line's education in permanent makeup ensures you a high professional education that best prepares you for life as a micropigmentist.


Our experience ensures your success as a micropigmentist

We are proud to be among the European pioneers in permanent makeup education - and we are aware of our professional responsibility. Therefore, you are only taught by well-educated and experienced staff, and we use and sell only equipment and accessories that meet the strictest EU requirements.

An optimal permanent makeup education takes time and with us, there is professional supervision and collaboration at every step of the educational process - also during the remote learning at home, where we are always available to contact for answers to any questions, or to provide professional input to your work.

But treatments with permanent makeup require not only time and willingness, but also talent and an artistic "eye".

We train and develop this together in the second practical part of the education, where you under thorough professional supervision test the learned theories in practice on models.

As experienced permanent makeup instructors and experts, we not only accompany our students throughout the educational process, but also after completion of the education, where we are ready with advice and guidance regarding machines and products.

We believe that quality, professional service, and beautifully and naturally executed permanent makeup is your path to success as a micropigmentist. That is what you can expect from our permanent makeup education.


Testimonials from students


I have taken education in permanent makeup. 3D brows, eyeliner, and lips. This is the best place for education.
Alexandra is the perfect instructor. Calm and guiding in all respects.
Good well-documented and long-lasting products for permanent makeup. I can and will recommend this place at any time.

-- Pia Hansen from Massage & Wellness

Always good service. If I'm in doubt about the slightest thing, I can always write and get a good and serious answer back very quickly. I have taken 3 different courses there. Very serious and good learning. And when you have passed, you can always call if there is something you are in doubt about. Big recommendation from here.

-- Mille Thomsen from Vejle


Right from the start, I have felt comfortable and satisfied with both courses, products, and service. And when I'm in doubt and write to Aleksandra, I always get a usable answer that oozes professional knowledge and help. And between the lines, I sense Aleksandra's care and time.
I usually pick up my goods myself, so we can just say hello. 5 big stars from here.

-- Mette Hansen from Mettes

Who can take the permanent makeup education?

The education in permanent makeup is for everyone who wants to work with permanent makeup.

Our students often have experience from the cosmetology industry, but it is not a necessity to take our permanent makeup education. However, you should allocate plenty of time for practice. Training in classic micropigmentation can be compared to learning to write. It takes several years of practice to become a skilled micropigmentist.

However, you should not be intimidated by this - A permanent makeup education is extremely inspiring both professionally, creatively, and personally.

PMU-line's permanent makeup education demands your motor and creative skills. Therefore, it is an advantage if you have experience in drawing. However, we have had several students who have excelled, even though everything had to be learned from scratch. In the end, it depends on the individual student, and the time you set aside for training. We also do not find that age is a limitation. We have students of many different ages in the permanent makeup basic education.

Course structure and setup

The education in Permanent Makeup extends over 50 hours of theory and 110 hours of practice for each specialty you have chosen, including homework on practice skins.

The basic module only needs to be taken ONCE and not for each specialty.

In each specialty (BROWS, LIPS, EYELINER, SCALP) there is a theoretical and a practical part.

  1. Theoretical mandatory BASIC MODULE. (Approx. 20 hours incl. online test)

  2. Practice and theory at the school (Up to 6 months at the school - minimum 160 hours)

  3. Examination, practical and theoretical - oral and written (2 days of 6-8 hours)



Basic Module

The basic module is a prerequisite for the mandatory professional course in cosmetic tattooing.

Once you have enrolled and paid for the Basic Module in permanent makeup education, you will receive a login for online basic theory before you can start your education, and from there we guide you throughout the process.

Theoretical self-study with interactive tests (approx. 20 hours) introduces you to the field so you can be ready for a longer course, following the new strict rules and requirements from 01.07.21.

This Basic Module must be completed only once, just like the mandatory Hygiene Course for cosmetic tattoo artists.

Starting the Basic Module can happen every week throughout the year, as it is online.

Once you have completed the Basic Module and passed the tests, you can choose a Specialty (Eyebrows, Lips, Eyeliner, or Scalp) and be admitted to the mandatory course in cosmetic tattooing.


Specialty (theory and practice at the course center)

The practical part of the education takes place at our training center in Vejle.

It is only here that your basic education in Permanent Makeup can be taken.

The meeting days vary from 15-20 days for the entire education, depending on your development and skills, but the education MUST be completed within 6 months.

The practical training takes place as a starting point in even weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the time slot 10.00-15.00 (in Vejle).

The meeting days include a review of theory, as well as exercises on paper, artificial skin, and real models. Paper, pens, artificial skin, and models are included on practical days as you receive them continuously as needed.

You also get access to extra online material, which you can use in your home exercises and assignments:

  • Theory material/course folder

  • Videos with step-by-step demo treatments

  • Theory tests and drawing assignments

  • Examples of consent forms for your clients

This gives you the opportunity to (outside of school meeting days) spend extra time gaining knowledge about permanent makeup and will teach you even more about brow, eyeliner, lip, and scalp techniques. You learn to make correct drawings, treatment step-by-step, and the most modern techniques.


You choose whether you can participate once or several times a week.

We record the number of hours you have participated, and the number of assignments you have submitted, in your individual student schedule.

The practical teaching is then adapted to your individual educational process.

This flexibility makes it easier to integrate elements such as regular work, illness, and vacation, without losing important teaching hours.

You just need to notify absence 10 days before the agreed meeting time (except in case of acute illness), so we can adjust the teaching accordingly. Or extra teaching days are purchased.

Exercises at home

After each teaching session at PMU-line, you continue working with exercises at home for the rest of the week - both on paper and artificial skin.

If you do not maintain the training and studies, your benefit from the education will naturally be reduced.

Student treatments on your own

You are welcome to perform student treatments on your own if you work at a clinic. The clinic must be registered as a tattooing place with the Safety Authority and you must have completed a mandatory Hygiene Course with a certificate.

Model treatments on your own, however, require that you have completed all practical exercises on artificial skin, and performed at least 10 treatments on a model under the supervision of your instructor at the school.

You are thereby approved for student treatments even before the exam.

The groups

Our teaching groups consist of students at different levels. This gives you the perfect sparring with colleagues from all over the country. We help each other, so everyone learns what they need before the exam.


You will also get an in-depth knowledge of the equipment used for permanent makeup.

It is important to add that the permanent makeup education requires you to have your own equipment.

However, you can buy various starter packs at PMU-line. This ensures you the best equipment in the industry at favorable prices. All the equipment and accessories used during the educational process and for the exam are included in the price.


The course concludes with certification: theory exam, as well as practical tasks on a model - oral and written (2 days of 6-8 hours)



Content of the permanent makeup education

General theory

You will gain a lot of theoretical knowledge that is at a more general level and deals with the overall work as a micropigmentist. This can include:

  • Basic theory of permanent makeup, which involves several topics:

    • How did it start?

    • Important professional terms

    • Modern permanent makeup

    • Understanding Permanent Makeup (basic concepts)

  • Anatomy and physiology, including:

    Skin structure

    • Skin types and their significant impact on the result of permanent makeup

  • Your clients' health

  • Skin diseases, contraindications, infectious diseases, and medical complications

  • Rules about regulatory requirements, consumer information, product knowledge, and ingredient technology.

  • Treatment process (consent form and client record)

    • Before, during, and after the treatment (recommendations, rules, aftercare instructions)

  • Client psychology

  • All about hygiene in micropigmentation

  • Theory about pigments and needle combinations:

    • Get to know your equipment

    • Pigments for permanent makeup treatments

    • Classification of pigments on the market

    • PMU-line's pigments

    • Healing process and color of pigment

    • Hygiene needle modules

    • The different needle groups and their application

  • Drawing techniques

  • The correct angles, depths, directions, and speeds within permanent makeup treatments

You can see the entire education plan here: EDUCATION PLAN

Content of the individual modules


Basic Module 1 - Permanent Eyeliner

In this basic module, we train “Lash Enhancement” (single/double) and “Broad eyeliner”. Homework is assigned.

This module includes training and teaching in:

  • Eyeliner forms; Eyeliner types (Lash Enhancement; Fine eyeliner; Eyeliner with fan; Lower eyeliner can enlarge eyes: illustration), Eye shapes (Improvement of eye shapes)
  • Treatment details; Drawing with one-way and two-way striping, speed and needle angle, choice of needle and pigments
  • Permanent makeup of eyeliner - treatment step-by-step


Basic Module 2 - Permanent Brows

In permanent brows, you learn to make hairstrokes and hairstrokes with extra shading, which requires training, training, and more training.

This module includes training and teaching in:

  • Brow forms: the importance of brows; Face shapes and optimal brow forms
  • Drawing technique of 3D brows: The shape (start, middle, and end point) and the 6 important points
  • Hair stroke (3D) drawing technique
  • Treatment details: Drawing with hairstrokes technique, speed and needle angle, choice of needle and pigments
  • Permanent makeup of brows - treatment step-by-step





Basic Module 3 - Permanent Lips

Permanent lips are arguably the most demanding of the three basic modules. Here you are trained in natural lip contour with shading and full color/volume lips.

This module includes training and teaching in:

  • Permanent lips (Lip contour with shading)
  • What does lip micropigmentation require as the most advanced treatment?
  • Benefits of permanent makeup on the lips
  • Lip forms
  • Drawing technique on lips: Create harmonious lips (Achieve symmetry; Find the 7 points)
  • Treatment details: Drawing with One-way and two-way striping (horizontal) from right to left, “Sloped”, “Carre”, Circling (horizontal) and Half moon, speed and needle angle, choice of needle and pigments
  • Permanent makeup of lips - treatment step-by-step

Practical and Theoretical Examination

Before the exam, you must practice the learned techniques and continuously send before-and-after photos of the work to your instructor, who will provide feedback and sparring.

You will be examined in:

  • Theory (written)

  • Practice (homework and treatment on a model at the course location)

The practical exam is held when you have performed 10 model treatments on your own and return to us to arrange an exam date, after which you will be issued an "Internationally accredited CPD certificate."

The exam usually takes place between 10 and 14, where 1.5 hours are allocated for the theoretical exam and 2.5 hours for the practical exam. We will of course find models for your exam.


Practical Notes on the Education

The practical training usually takes place at PMU-line, located east of Vejle, 5 minutes from the E45 motorway, just outside the city.

There is free parking on site.

The training facilities consist of a treatment room where students can watch the instructor perform treatments on real clients. Additionally, there is a conference room where theory is reviewed.

Due to special Covid19 restrictions, which prevent the distribution of unpackaged food, lunch is currently not served on course days. Therefore, you are welcome to bring your own lunch. However, on all course days and the exam day, some snacks, coffee, tea, water, and fruit are available for free use.


New: Expand your basic education with scalp micropigmentation (SPM)

As something completely new, you can now choose an additional module for your basic education in scalp micropigmentation.

Here you learn a special drawing technique, which is performed on the scalp.

The goal is to imitate hair density to camouflage hair loss, scars, and to create a more beautiful hairline.

Prices and Course Duration for Permanent Makeup Education


All prices excl. VAT.
We offer financing interest-free for 12 months. See more here 

Remember the Starter Kit

Note that the starter kit is not included in the above prices. That is, the machines and accessories you need to perform permanent makeup treatments afterward.

It is necessary that you have your own machine, which you can bring to the training.

However, all accessories used on the practical days with us are included in the price (e.g., pigments, needles, disposables, and practice skin).

Your Instructor for the Permanent Makeup Education

Most of PMU-line's courses and educations are taught by Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt. A highly educated master trainer in permanent makeup with her own clinic, and many years of experience in the industry.

Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt is:

  • educated micropigmentist specializing in advanced permanent makeup and laser therapy

  • certified master trainer in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation

  • certified master trainer in Lash and Brow Keratin Lamination

  • certified master trainer in Eyelash Extensions

  • master trainer in dermatherapy/clinical wrinkle reduction

  • mesotherapist

  • anti-age therapist

  • Vice-chairman of KKBU, the Trade Association for Cosmetic Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic Practitioners & educational institutions.

There is no area within permanent makeup that Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt has not worked with. Despite this, Aleksandra is a humble person who always meets her students with great enthusiasm and openness. In the permanent makeup education, you will therefore have the opportunity to get answers to almost all questions within permanent makeup.

Additional Information

Awarded the Best in Permanent Makeup 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

We are proud that our entire Dermatech-group educational academy has won the Prestige Awards' prize as the best in permanent makeup 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023. The award is given based on the quality of the educations, treatments, and products, our ethical work methods, and consistency in performance.

We are all colleagues

For Aleksandra, it is important to see other micropigmentists as colleagues rather than competitors – because, after all, it should always be the specific needs of the client that are central.

If you have a client with a particular need, it is better to refer the client to the right micropigmentist, rather than ending up with a final result that neither you nor the client is satisfied with. Together we achieve the best results, so let's collaborate and help each other - and the clients.


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