Mandatory Hygiene Course (for Cosmetic and Traditional Tattoo Artists)

Mandatory Hygiene Course (for Cosmetic and Traditional Tattoo Artists)

Organizer: The Association for Cosmetic Tattooists & Cosmetic Practitioners & Training Centers

The course is open to both cosmetic and traditional tattoo artists.

What you will learn: Everything about hygiene, which is set as a requirement in the new tattoo law from 2018. Designed for traditional and cosmetic tattoo artists. 

Time and place: Can be started at any time. The first part takes place as online teaching while the second part is a single practical day (6 hours) at our training center in Vejle or at our partner in Copenhagen. Internship dates are updated continuously. (No more than 18 participants per team.)

Admission requirements: To take this hygiene course, you must already be a practicing cosmetic tattooist, micropigmentation specialist, permanent makeup artist, or regular tattoo artist or in training.

Languages: Danish/English/Ukrainian/Russian/

Price: 2,000 DKK.


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Hygiene Course:
Hygiejnekursus Vejle d. 19/8/2024
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Mandatory Hygiene Course

The new tattoo law from 2018 requires that cosmetic and traditional tattooists, among other things, complete a mandatory hygiene course.

It's time to get your paperwork in order, as you can no longer legally perform permanent makeup after July 1, 2021, unless you have completed two mandatory courses:

See the new regulation on hygiene course for tattooists.
The course is combined:
  • Online theory

  • A practical day at the course center.


Curriculum and program for the practical day:

10.00-11.30: Theory

  • Transmission routes and infection risks associated with tattooing

  • Hand hygiene and demonstration of how hand hygiene is correctly performed

  • Correct use of protective equipment

  • Infection hygiene requirements for premises, fixtures, and layout at tattooing sites

  • Division of the tattooing site into clean and unclean areas

  • Cleaning and disinfection of premises, fixtures, and equipment

11.30-11.40: Coffee break

11.40-13.40: Theory

  • Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of tattoo equipment for repeated use and demonstration that you can perform this

  • Correct infection hygiene handling of tattoo ink

  • Storage of tattoo ink as well as sterile and clean tattoo equipment

  • Preparation of the skin before tattooing

  • Correct infection hygiene handling in connection with tattooing

  • Advice to the customer about aftercare of the tattoo

13.40-14.00: Lunch

14.00-16.00: Practical training

  • Participants are divided into groups, and each group demonstrates that they can handle tattoo equipment and materials correctly in accordance with the hygiene requirements

  • Each participant demonstrates correct hand hygiene

16.00-16.30: Evaluation and issuance of course certificates


Without a diploma for the completed professional course and hygiene course, your business becomes illegal

A diploma from a hygiene course for cosmetic and traditional tattooists is proof that a tattooist has undergone and passed an education that covers hygiene principles specifically related to the tattooing industry.

The purpose of such a course is to ensure that tattooists are trained to protect both themselves and their clients against health risks associated with the tattooing process.

It is mandatory for tattooists to have such a hygiene diploma to operate a tattooing business or work in the industry as part of their professional license requirements.

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