Advanced Microblading Masterclass (Combined online teaching and internship)

Advanced Microblading Masterclass (Combined online teaching and internship)

What you'll learn: At our microblading masterclass course, you will learn how to create permanent makeup eyebrows using microblading techniques, i.e., with a manual microblading pen. The course is for those who already master permanent makeup with a machine and now want to expand their skills with manual technique.

Requirements: Basic education and practical experience with permanent makeup.

Time and location: Start ongoing. Part 1 is theoretical and takes place online. Part 2 is practical and takes place either at our training center in Vejle or with our trainers in Copenhagen or on Funen. Approximate time is 5 weeks.

Starter kit: Starter kit is included in the price.

Prices: See overview at the bottom of the page. You can buy part 1 and 2 together or separately.

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Part 1 - ONLINE THEORY INSTRUCTION with interactive examination
Part 2 - PRACTICUM (Training at course center or live online instruction with an instructor)
Part 1 & Part 2 (Full education)


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Introduction to Microblading Masterclass

Our microblading course is for you who already perform permanent makeup with a machine and are familiar with it as a tool, and now wish to explore microblading, which is done manually with a microblading pen. It may also be that you already have the basic training in microblading and have been performing the treatments for a good while, but now want to learn more.

Regardless, we can assure you that with our microblading masterclass, you will learn to perform beautiful and natural microblading treatments that your customers will thank you for.


We pave the way for a rewarding microblading masterclass

We are among the European pioneers in Permanent Makeup treatments and Permanent Makeup education. We are proud of that - and we are conscious of our professional responsibility.

You will only be taught by highly educated and experienced staff - and we only use equipment and accessories that meet the strictest EU requirements.

We operate according to strict ethical and quality standards, as evidenced by our Prestige Award.

Performing Permanent Makeup treatments requires talent, artistic skills, and a lot of time, patience, and willingness to learn. Especially microblading, which is done with a manual microblading pen, requires that the basic techniques are in place. We have the desire and the skills to teach you, but you need to bring the rest.

Testimonials from Students


I think the Microblading masterclass was extremely thorough.

Great teaching and demonstration on the model, making it easy to work on my own model. Fantastic skilled and kind instructor. 

-- Anne Mette Schultz from Hairværk


Dear Aleksandra! I am 100% satisfied with my masterclass ❤️ Thank you so much for taking the time to explain and guide me ❤️ I think you are very thorough and perfectionistic, and you take your time to answer all questions... 

I have slowly started to have models for drawing eyebrows... I think it has gone really well, and I am really happy with the results ❤️  

-- Shahnaz from Microblading Kbh


Who Can Take Our Microblading Masterclass?

Anyone with our permanent makeup education or microblading course (basic) has access to this course. You can also gain access if you have a similar education from another educational institution, or if you have extensive (documented) experience in performing microblading treatments.

Course Structure and Content

The Microblading masterclass takes about 5 weeks, but can be done faster or slower, depending on how quickly you complete the first online theoretical part, which takes place at home at your own pace.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Part 1: Theory and exercises online
  • Part 2: Practical days at the training center

Read more about the two parts, their course, and content below.


Part 1: Online Study

When you have signed up for our microblading masterclass, you will receive access to our online learning platform. Here, you will find all the theoretical material and exercises you need to work with before attending the practical part of the course.

The online part consists of:

  • Introduction to microblading
  • Skin theory
  • Color theory
  • Tool theory
  • Pre-drawing
  • Aftercare

When you have worked through the theoretical material, you will take a theory test that you must pass before you can participate in the practical part of the course.


Part 2: Practical Days at the Training Center

After completing the online part of the course, you will participate in the practical part, which takes place at our training center. Here you will work closely with our instructors and learn the actual microblading technique.

During the practical part, you will work on practice skin and on models under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

The practical part covers:

  • Practice on artificial skin
  • Live demonstrations
  • Practical exercises
  • Working on models

By the end of the practical part, you will feel confident and well-prepared to start performing microblading treatments on your own.

Ready to Master Microblading?

If you're ready to take your permanent makeup skills to the next level with our Microblading Masterclass, don't hesitate to sign up now!

Why Choose Our Microblading Masterclass?

There are several reasons why our microblading masterclass stands out:

  • Highly educated and experienced instructors
  • Thorough theoretical and practical training
  • Hands-on experience with practice skin and live models
  • Small class sizes for personalized attention
  • Strict adherence to ethical and quality standards

With our microblading masterclass, you'll not only gain the skills and knowledge to perform beautiful and natural-looking microblading treatments but also join a community of dedicated professionals committed to excellence in permanent makeup.

Register for Our Microblading Masterclass Today!

If you're passionate about expanding your skills in permanent makeup and want to become proficient in microblading, our masterclass is the perfect opportunity. Join us and embark on a journey towards mastering the art of microblading!

For more information and to register, visit our website or contact us directly. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to elevate your career in permanent makeup!

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