Medical Pigmentation workshop (Combined online teaching and internship)

Medical Pigmentation workshop (Combined online teaching and internship)

What you'll learn: At the workshop in medical pigmentation (or aesthetic dermapigmentation), you will learn to reconstruct areola (nipple) and camouflage scars and other skin irregularities.

Requirements: Basic education and practical experience with permanent makeup or dermapigmentation, or a medical vocational education.

Time and place: Start ongoing. Part 1 is theoretical and takes place online. Part 2 is practical and takes place at our training center in Vejle.

Starter kit: The starter kit is not included in the price. But all accessories used on the practical days and for the exam are included.

Prices: See overview at the bottom of the page. You can buy part 1 and 2 together or separately.

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part 1, part 2 or full education :
Part 1 - ONLINE THEORY INSTRUCTION with interactive examination
Part 2 - PRACTICUM (Training at course center or live online instruction with an instructor)
Part 1 & Part 2 (Full education)

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Workshop in Medical Pigmentation (Areola and Scalp Pigmentation)

- for already trained micropigmentists

Supplement Your Professional Skills with Competencies in Medical Pigmentation / Dermapigmentation

With this workshop, you can expand your range of treatments to include medical pigmentation - also known as dermapigmentation. You will learn, for example, to reconstruct the areola, camouflage scars on the scalp and body.

You will learn the basic techniques in medical tattooing/dermapigmentation on the body. You will learn what you can and cannot treat on clients. You will also learn the correct way to market this sensitive area and gain new knowledge about scalp, areola, and camouflage techniques.


Aleksandra offers the best permanent makeup and medical tattooing course in Denmark. Everything from teaching materials to models and communication has been perfect.
-- Priscila Freitas, dermatologist at Mølhom Private Hospital

See more testimonials on Trustpilot here

Course Content and Structure

The workshop in medical pigmentation consists of two parts: an online theoretical and a physical practical part. The total duration of the course depends on how quickly you complete the first online part of the course. We estimate around 3 weeks of online course and 2 practical days at our training center in Vejle.

Part 1: Theory and Exercises Online
  • Introduction to this advanced technique and selection of appropriate needles and pigments

  • Exercises on latex skin at home

  • Online material and follow-up with the instructor

  • Areola and Scalp Dermapigmentation: scalp micropigmentation on men and women, nipple reconstruction, camouflage of small scars, and piercing scars

  • PMU corrections and coverups: how to correct your own and others' mistakes, color theory, shape optimization, and working with difficult skin types

Once you have completed part 1, you will gain access to part 2, which consists of practical days at our training center in Vejle. It is always held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in even weeks, and you must attend 2 days.

Part 2: Practical Days at Training Center
  • You practice the learned theories on real models with thorough observation and feedback (we will of course find models for you)

  • Evaluation of your treatments

  • Final exam and issuance of certificate and course diploma


Note: You must bring your own equipment on all practical teaching days - i.e., your own machine. We provide all accessories in the form of practice skin, pigments, and finding models. See more under "remember startkit below".

Exam for Workshop in Medical Pigmentation

Theoretical Exam - Online

The theoretical exam takes place online as the conclusion of part 1 and grants access to part 2.

Practical Exam - at Training Center and Home

The practical exam is conducted as a combination of treatment on a model at the training center during the practical days and subsequent 10 treatments on your own.

After the practical days (and possibly also between the days, if your instructor assesses that you are ready), you must practice the learned techniques on your own and send before and after photos of the treatments to your instructor, who will evaluate them with you and provide professional feedback. You may practice on practice skin and paper, but you must have performed a minimum of 10 model treatments on your own before you are qualified to receive the final course diploma and internationally accredited certificate for completing the course.



Upon Completion of the Education, You Will Receive

When you have completed the education in medical pigmentation, you will receive:

  • An international CPD certificate and course diploma

  • Access to unlimited support from us, which you can use in your further work as a medical micropigmentist

  • Invitation to an extra observation day within 12 months after your final exam

Extra Observation Day with Aleksandra

After completing the education, you are very welcome to stay in touch with Aleksandra. She is always happy to advise former students. Within the first 12 months after the education, Aleksandra also offers an extra observation day where you, as a former student, can observe Aleksandra work. In the same context, you will also have the opportunity to discuss specific professional questions with her.

It has proven to be very beneficial - because when you start working with permanent makeup after completing the education, you often encounter entirely new issues that are good to discuss with other micropigmentists.

Price for Workshop in Medical Pigmentation

All prices excluding VAT.
We offer financing up to DKK 40,000, interest-free for 12 months. See more here 

Remember Startkit

Please note that the startkit is not included in the above prices. In other words, the machines and accessories you need to be able to perform treatments in medical pigmentation afterwards.

It is necessary that you have your own machine, which you can bring to the teaching.
All accessories used on the practical days with us are included in the price (e.g., pigments, needles, disposable items, and practice skin).

Practical Notes for the Workshop

The practical teaching usually takes place at PMU-line, located east of Vejle, 5 minutes from motorway E45, just outside the city.

There is free parking on site.

The teaching premises consist of a treatment room where students can watch the instructor perform treatments on real customers. In addition, there is a conference room where theory is taught.

Due to the special Covid19 restrictions preventing the distribution of unpackaged food, lunch is currently not served on course days. Therefore, you are welcome to bring your own lunch. However, on all course days and the exam day, some snacks, coffee, tea, water, and fruit are provided for free use.


Your Instructor for the Workshop in Medical Pigmentation

On most of PMU-line's courses and educations, Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt teaches. She is a highly educated master trainer in permanent makeup with her own clinic and many years of experience in the industry.

Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt is:

  • trained micropigmentist specializing in advanced permanent makeup and laser therapy

  • certified master trainer in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation

  • certified master trainer in Lash and Brow Keratin Lamination

  • certified master trainer in Eyelash Extensions

  • master trainer in dermatherapy/clinical wrinkle reduction

  • mesotherapist

  • anti-aging therapist

There is no area within permanent makeup that Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt has not worked with. Despite that, Aleksandra is a humble person who always meets her students with great enthusiasm and openness. Therefore, on the permanent makeup education, you will have the opportunity to get answers to almost all questions within permanent makeup and medical pigmentation.

Voted the Best in Permanent Makeup 2020

We are proud that our entire Dermatech Group education academy has won the Prestige Awards prize for the best in permanent makeup 2020. The prize is awarded based on the quality of the education, treatments, and products, our ethical working methods, and consistency in performance.

We are all colleagues

For Aleksandra, it is important to see other micropigmentists as colleagues rather than competitors - because ultimately, it should always be the specific needs of the customer that are central.

So if you have a customer with a special need, it is better to refer the customer to the right micropigmentist than to end up with a final result that neither you nor the customer are satisfied with. Together, we achieve the best results, so let us cooperate and help each other - and the customers.

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